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Transpee is an extreme online racing game set on exceptional 3D tracks. Racing cars designed in the game gives you thrills as you race along at tremendous speeds while driving on 3D tracks designed using centrifugal forces when the car is traveling at racing speeds. Also, a tremendous 3D Roller Coaster Track with high jumps where drivers have no brake which results in massive crashes with other drivers.
Game Features:
* Takedown system
* Engine tuning system
* Realistic draft skills
* Easy to learn (simple interface and tutorial)
* Exciting car abilities
* Team modes, speed/item modes
* Massive, dynamic crashes with other drivers
* Unique elements for each car
* Cute characters

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  • Transpee Gameplay Video

    Enjoy a brand new racing game with all the fun elements you already know, and a whole bunch of new ones to test your skills!

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