Treasure Raiders

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  • Developer:
    Oasis Games

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    Free To Play, Shooter

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Treasure Raiders is a free-to-play mobile action shooter developed by Oasis Games for Android and is expected to release on iOS in the near future. In Treasure Raiders players can experience tons of different elements combined with bullet hell gameplay in a unique way like none other. Explore mysterious ancient tombs, eerie old castles, and laboratories while avoiding deadly traps in search of untold treasures. Nobody ever said a Treasure Raider's job was easy!


Humorous Storyline: Fight your way through an engaging and humorous storyline with a cast of unique characters to join you from the ride.

Gear Collection: Collect different weapons and gear to see what combinations work best for you. Search out rare pieces of gear and upgrade them into some of the strongest you'll be able to find!

Team Up: You aren't going to be the only person out there in search of treasure and riches! Find some reliable companions of different classes and team up on tough explorations that you might struggle with by yourself.

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