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At long last, the spiritual successor to Ragnarok Online makes its appearance. Tree of Savior brings classic 2.5D MMORPG gameplay into the modern era with dazzling, artistic visuals and fast-paced, hack n' slash gameplay that's fresh in a decidedly classic way. With a huge international fanbase, it promises to be one of the most exciting games of the next generation.


Stunning Visuals: In a world of stylized polygons and driver-cam MMORPGs, the visual approach in Tree of Savior stands out among its peers. Character sprites are hand-drawn and animated in two-dimensions, while the rest of the world and most enemies are laid out in a 3D isometric style. These two seemingly opposed styles of presentation blend together beautifully.

Excellent Musical Score: Fans of the original Ragnarok Online might remember the game's catchy, masterfully-composed musical tracks. That same standard of quality makes a return in Tree of Savior, with soulful music that makes every environment truly distinct. Combined with the unique and colorful art direction, every scene and zone of Tree of Savior will come alive for players in truly harmonious way.

Player-Driven World: Tree of Savior is more than just another grindfest. The gameplay is centered around player interaction and community. Crafting and economy are a big part of the game. Group content is the centerpiece of the game, though there are plenty of solo-friendly things to do. There's plenty more for players to do beyond combat, as well, from taming and charming animals, to party events, and more.

Staggering Boss Fights: The bosses in Tree of Savior are truly colossal. World bosses are a big part of the game, and the creatures you'll find at the bottoms of dungeons are truly challenging. Players need to coordinate with one another to avoid devastating attacks from anything from giant golems, dragons, gun-toting giants, and charging beasts. Players will be pushed to the limits of their skills to earn the best rewards.

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