Trials of the Blood Dragon

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    Racing, Shooter

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Trials of the Blood Dragon is every kids toybox come to life. Bust out those action figures and go on an unforgettable adventure filled with high intensity jumps, blood pumping shoot outs, and enough explosions to put even Micheal Bay to shame, available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Be the Best: Conquer the highly competitive world wide leaderboards.

The Traveler: Take to the 7 unique locations on a variety of vehicles including Motorbike, BMX, R/C, jetpack, minecart, a freakin' tank, and for the first time in the series: on foot.

Retroactive: Take a blast from the past with the oozing '80s theme.

Blockbuster Hit: The fully animated story will leave you in tears... of laughter.

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