Tribes of Midgard

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    Norsfell Games

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Tribes of Midgard is a 3D top-down survival action game featuring open-world exploration and base-building management. As if the bitter winters and unforgiving wilderness wasn't enough, a horde of giants are closing in on your village with the intent to destroy the sacred center and subsequently end the world. Defend Midgard and prevent Ragnarok!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Get to it Lads: Join up to 9 other people in a collective effort to stop the legions of Hel from invading your settlement after dark.

All in a Day's Work: Strike out across nearby environments looting, battling, meeting merchants, and uncovering powerful relics.

Protect and Serve: Put amassed materials to good use by forging new equipment, setting up crucial structures, and reinforcing yoru village's defences.

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  • Tribes of Midgard Begins First Open Beta This Weekend

    Though Tribes of Midgard will not launch onto PC and Console until 2020, PC gamers can join the first Open Beta for it this weekend. Starting on July 26th

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