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    Indie-us Games

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    3D Medieval, Fantasy

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TrinityS gives you the chance to experience all the end game raid bosses without the tedium of leveling up or grinding for gear.  Supporting up to three players, you'll slash, cast, and heal your way to victory. Just be mindful of the bosses attacks because getting caught in those might hurt a bit. Oh, and just because you can beat one boss doesn't mean you're done ...

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: Optional soundtrack available

Key Features:

Classes: Grey, the knight; Emile, the wizard; Bell, the priest

No More Grind: Skip right to the end game against powerful raid bosses with none of the boredom of actually leveling or gearing to get there.

Living Up to the Trinity: Face each challenge as one of three characters which represent one part of the MMORPG "trinity":  tank, DPS, healer

Don't Stand in Bad: Watching where you step has never been more important. Avoid boss AoE attacks and telegraphed moves in order to keep yourself safe.

All By Myself: Feel like playing by yourself? Don't worry! The other two characters will be controlled like bots, allowing you to tackle all content even if your friends aren't around.

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  • TrinityS PS4/PS5 Announcement Trailer

    "TrinityS", a cooperative online action game currently in early access on Steam. PlayStation version will be released on October 20! Pre-orders are now bei

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