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Tunnels & Trolls Adventures is a free-to-play fantasy RPG developed by MetaArcade for iOS, Android, and is expected to see a release on PC as well. In Tunnels & Trolls Adventures players can experience the nostalgia of their favorite pen and paper RPGs while enjoying much faster-paced gameplay. Pathfinder Adventures and Dungeons & Dragons fans alike will be able to find something for them in this new take on classic fantasy RPGs. With gripping stories to experience and thrilling adventures to go on, your fun is only limited by your imagination. Create your character and set out on epic quests that only you can fulfill!


Four Races: Become a Human, Elf, Dwarf, or Hobb and watch your character come to life through detailed storytelling and hand-drawn art.

Roll of the Dice: Rolling dice will determine whether or not your stats can keep you safe. Will your dexterity and luck rolls keep you safe from the chasms of Buffalo Castle, or will you fall to your doom?

Unique Locations: Go on quests in places like Buffalo Castle, Naked Doom, Seven Ayes, Golden Dust Red Death, Grimtina's Guard and more! Adventures are updated nearly every week, expanding existing content or adding entirely new experiences for you to enjoy.

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