Twin Mirror

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    Dontnod Entertainment

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33 Year old Samuel is still dealing with a recent breakup when he finds out his best friend has died. He must return to his hometown of Basswood, West Virginia to attend the funeral, and while there, finds himself embroiled in a mystery that could lead to a darker side of Basswood than Sam ever knew existed.


Investigate: Explore the dark underbelly of Basswood, West Virginia to unlock your memories.

Find Redemption: Sam doesn't know who he is anymore. Could solving this mystery help him solve that problem too?

Your choices matter: As you play, you'll shape Sam's relationships with the inhabitants of Basswood, and the story that unfolds.

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    Twin Mirror, our newest narrative adventure is now available on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4 (PlayStationStore), and Xbox One (Microsoft Store) and

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    Sam Higgs was done with Basswood, West Virginia, but it seems it wasn’t done with him. When the former investigative journalist returns to his hometown t

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