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Meteor Games, LLC, an independent game studio created by Neopets founders Adam Powell and Donna Williams, is developing Twin Skies, a community-based MMO that will appeal to players of all ages with exciting new content, accessible game play and advanced socializing options.

Twin Skies will provide its players with multiple access points for enjoying the game world, allowing them to interact with the game when, where and for however long they want. PC players will be able to jump into the main Twin Skies PC MMO game to adventure, craft or explore the massive open world by themselves or with friends; players can also interact with Twin Skies on the official Web site via a series of fun and impactful flash-based mini games.

Meteor Games has already launched the Twin Skies Web site.

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  • Twin Skies

    One of the new classes of Twin Skies allows us great insight in some unique features this mmo offers, including the ingame effect of players and people bro

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