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"We come in peace." – The red flag should probably go up whenever extraterrestrial visitors use this phrase. In the tactical browser-based game UFO Online humanity has also made the mistake of trusting the aliens. A terrible mistake, as it turns out. The supposedly-peaceful aliens soon turn out to be nasty invaders looking to exploit our planet's resources. While a majority of the population still believes their lies, three factions of resistance fighters form to take up arms against the aliens.

Experience UFO Online's intense browser based strategy game, including both PvE and PvP Gameplay.


3D Environment: Experience the above average graphics as you equip and battle with countless weapons and items as your disposal. You might even forget this isn't client based!

3 Faction System: Pick your faction and embark for glory in the game's PvP System. Win glory for your group and expand your base into a bustling war machine.

Diverse Mercenaries for Hire: Equip up multiple types of mercenaries, each featuring unique equips and skill sets to make sure you smash aliens with variety.

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    UFO Online was revealed to us at Gamigo's E3 booth. It is a SciFi browser based strategy game based on what else but fighting aliens to save Earth.

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