Ultimate Chicken Horse

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    Clever Endeavour Games

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    Strategy, Other

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Ultimate Chicken Horse is a party platformer being developed by Clever Endeavour Games and will be available for purchase on Steam, but will also have later Xbox One and PS4 releases. In Ultimate Chicken Horse players can build and play through platforming levels by themselves or alongside their friends as cute animals. You will want to make the level as difficult as you can imagine so that you're enemies can't reach the end, but you can! If you've got a strategical mind and some serious platforming skills, Ultimate Chicken Horse is yours to master!


Unique Game Flow: Players will need to master switching between placing blocks and platforming with their animal all so that they can beat the competition to the end of the level.

Large Block Library: Learn how to use different types of blocks and traps to your advantage in a variety of ways.

Multiplayer Madness: Play against your friends and try to stop them from reaching the end of the level, but don't forget to get yourself to the end of the level as well!

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