Umbrella Corps

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    Sci-Fi, Shooter

Umbrella Corps is a 3D sci-fi shooter developed Capcom that is available for purchase on both PS4 and PC. Now that the Umbrella Corporation has been shut down, numerous other corporations are becoming interested in bio-weaponry and hiring mercenaries to do battle in infected zones. As a mercenary you will take part in intense, close-quarters, multiplayer combat against another team of mercenaries while simultaneously trying to survive the horrific infected. Only the most fierce, unrelenting mercenaries have what it takes to emerge victorious. Are you one of them?


Various Game Modes: Compete against mercenaries in intense game modes like the One Life Match!

Resident Evil Nostalgia: Do battle in iconic Resident Evil locations like the Umbrella Facility!

New Weapons: Enjoy some exciting, new weapons like the Brainer axe and boot-mounted Terrain Spikes.

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