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UnderVerse is a free-to-play mobile fantasy MMORPG being developed by Ambidexter for iOS and Android devices. In UnderVerse players can experience a parallel reality where the laws of physics fractured, sending it crashing into the barrier between worlds and destroying it. This resulted in the collision of realities where hostile denizens from all different kinds of worlds can now use a tear in space and time to traverse to our world. It is up to you to follow steps set in motion for a thousand years and stand against these unknown forces, but the path you take is ultimately yours to choose!


Real-World Movements: Use your phone to help navigate the real world and find treasures, creatures, and more, but don't forget to watch where you're walking!

Item Collection: Find treasure chests with riches and items to help you grow stronger and fight off even stronger hostile forces.

PvP Mode: When you feel that you're up to the challenge you can take on other players to determine who the better defender is.

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