Untold Universe

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    Fenris Lair

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Untold Universe is a 3D sandbox made in the style of Starbound and Minecraft. It's intended to allow players to travel between 3D worlds, create structures, vehicles, and other things from scratch, and save those designs to trade with other players. Its focus is intended to be survival, exploration, and construction.


Infinite Exploration: Explore randomly generated planets throughout a shifting universe, in real-time, with friends or without.

Complete Sandbox: Create tools, vehicles, factories, and more, from the resources and blocks you pull straight out of the ground.

Multiplayer: The game intends to have a strong multiplayer component, allowing players to travel the universe in large groups, and even form coalitions or guilds.

Sci-fi Setting: Untold Universe is being designed to have sci-fi elements from the ground-up, from spaceship designs to high-technology schematics designed by players. Automation will be a part of life.

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