Uprising Empires

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Uprising Empires is an MMORTS that takes place in an alternate universe like our own. Four historical empires -- Byzantine, Mongol, Turk, and Jerusalem -- all fight against one another after the peace is shattered between them. You are in control of a small colony, trying to survive the brutal warfare that has swept the countryside. You will have to develop your city and military strength in order to survive, succeed, and thrive. Conquer your opponents, and carve your name in history!


Progression of Eras: Begin as a humble village, trying to survive the battles that rage around you. With time, skill, and tenacity, forge your way to a sprawling empire of your own!

Show your Might: Build an army of several unit types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Defend your holdings, or storm your opponents to display your power!

Recruit Heroes: Find and hire several different heroes to lead your armies. Each hero has their own unique traits that make them better suited for a variety of different tasks.

Form Alliances: Unite with hundreds of other players across the world as you work towards the ultimate goal of world domination. Trade between your allies, and support them when they need it most.

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