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    Dontnod Entertainment

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    3D Historical

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Vampyr explores the internal conflict of a doctor struggling to do what's right and the irresistible urge to drink the blood of the innocent. Succumb to the animalist instinct by killing people in combat, or rise above by fighting the disease, available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Doctor Who?: Jonathan Reid is an early 1900's doctor stricken with a terrible disease: vampirism.

Fight/Mercy: Complete the game without killing anyone, or go on a bloody massacre.

Blah-Blah-Blah: Upon feasting on a fertile nape, become revitalized and gain levels allowing unique abilities like light mind control.

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    Vampyr releases for Nintendo Switch on October 29. Awakening in 1918 as newly-turned vampire Dr. Jonathan Reid, players will dwell in a world of ungodly cr

  • Vampyr Trailer

    A good doctor bound by the Hippocratic oath now must choose between fighting, or giving into an insatiable bloodlust.

  • Vampyr Trailer – E3 2016

    London has become this man's feeding ground, and his battleground! Blood, violence, and vampirism in old London! Check out Vampyr!

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