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    Haemimont Games

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Victor Vran is a 3D action RPG developed by Haemimont Games and is available on Steam Early Access for PC, Mac, and Linux. As players experience the intense combat of Victor Vran through an isometric point of view that feels similar to that of Diablo III, players will come across new and exciting loot to customize their character with. Your character's build can be perfected by gearing them up with various items, demon powers, outfits, weapons, and more! All of these will factor into how you play your character, not actual skill trees or skills themselves. Your weapon choice especially will dictate your playstyle. If you're looking for something to satisfy your Diablo III cravings, but something fresh and with a different feel you will truly appreciate then you will appreciate the thoughtfulness and smoothness of the gameplay mechanics in Victor Vran.


Dodging Mechanics: Dodging is not just an aesthetic feature in Victor Vran, but something that is key to your survival in difficult encounters.

Cross-Platform Multiplayer: Players on PC, Mac, and Linux can all play together in the recently released multiplayer game mode!

Item Discovery: Items can be found as loot off of monsters, but they can also be crafted by combining different items in the Transmuter.

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