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  • Developer:
    Bohemia Interactive

  • Genres:
    Free To Play, Shooter

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Vigor is a third person survival shooter set in post-apocalyptic Norway after nuclear war destroyed Europe in 1991. You must scavenge to survive and build your shelter, all while fending off others seeking the same.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes; Cosmetic and shared boosts (loot, etc)

Key Features:

Shoot: Arm yourself with guns and other tools to survive against others. A variety of weapons will surely suit whatever playstyle fits you best.

Loot: Gathering is key! Scavenge the wastes for useful items, but watch out for others as you do.

Survive: Build your shelter and stock it with vital services that will enable your extended survival. How long can you last?


Preppers: Update 1.2 for the game brings three new tools, five new weapons, new challenges, weapon destruction, and a battle pass system to benefit players who continue to play.

Hunters: Version 2.0 of Vigor provides two brand new tools, three new weapons (including crossbows!), revisions to the bullet penetration system, and polish to the character, camera, and combat systems.

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