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Vinashi is a browser based MMORTS set in ancient India. Players are responsible for building an empire and army large enough to become the Supreme Commander of the land. To do this, careful consideration must be made for your construction and army development projects, as resources are a precious commodity. Strike out at your foes with winning tactics to bring glory to your empire!


Development: Build your empire using wood, stone, and iron. Each of these materials is very important when it comes to buildings and troops, so plan your resource management carefully!

Troop planning: Develop a balanced troop selection to ensure victory. Use smart tactics and skill to take down your opponents!

Trade: Some materials may be scarce for you. Not to worry, as you can trade with others across the network, ensuring you can benefit at all times.

Conquer: Establish roots near your home town, or send troops far away to gain footholds in other areas. Strategic thinking and placement of your colonies is critical!

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