Void Expanse

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    AtomicTorch Studio

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VoidExpanse is an open-world Science Fiction, top-down action roleplaying game set in outer space for PC, Mac and Linux. It features both a hand-crafted storyline and procedurally-generated worlds, all available for exploration and exploitation by players.


Customizable Ships: Players can install multitude of different modules, weapon systems as well as special active devices which together make ship building and outfitting almost limitless.

Randomly Generated Worlds: VoidExpanse has the benefits of both randomly generated worlds, and several carefully hand-crafted story lines taking place in these galaxies. Players can also join any in-game factions and follow their unique line of quests.

Player Mods: The game is built using a custom scripting API which enables anyone to change or extend absolutely everything within the game, or even create a completely new experience.

Single and Multiplayer Experience: The game is built to be both an amazing single player experience and multiplayer-enabled from day one. Players will even be able to create your own server with a persistent world and tons of mods.

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Game Videos

  • VoidExpanse: Update v1.4 Teaser

    Atomic Torch previews the new ships, weapons, skills, and more that are coming to Void Expanse.

  • Void Expanse Trailer

    A video preview of the gameplay in Void Expanse, from AtomicTorch Studio. This video was taken during the alpha stages of the game's development cycle.

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