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    2D Fantasy

War of Ninja is a free-to-play, browser-based role playing game featuring - what else? - ninjas! Venture into the world and recruit dozens of ninjas from villages, and then form squads of three ninjas to battle against enemies in turn-based tactical combat. Attach items to your ninjas to give them special boosts in battle! When you're prepared, face off against other players in ladder-ranked competitions.

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  • angol

    i used to be top 10 so sad they fucked the game with the level system

    • Jayce

      I wasn’t that good, but I was really stoked to see it grow, I was there for when Region 3 was about to come out but they instead changed to the levelling system and the gold for recruitment which was very upsetting. The lore of the game was quite interesting.

  • Bakura Ryo Yami

    depois do bleach tatics, esse era o melhor dos 4( naruto-arena, soul-arena,warofninja,bleach-tatics)