War of Tribes: Stone Age

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  • Developer:
    ZQ Game

  • Genres:
    2D Historical, Strategy

War of Tribes is set in an age where dinosaurs, humans, and magic exist. The game is a mix of city building, tower defense, and PvP strategy.


Unique Setting: War of Tribes is on a very short list of games set in a fantasy stone age setting. Dinosaurs, magic, and a quirky anime style are what carry the game's art direction forward.

Multiple Game Modes: City management is at the core of the game, but War of Tribes features all manner of strategy gameplay. Tower defense, clashing armies, hero quests, and outfitting are all a part of a player's daily planning and activities.

Fully Mobile: War of Tribes is fully optimized for mobile play. It's free, has premium features, and can be played on a wide variety of mobile devices.

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