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    Wargaming World Limited

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    Free To Play, Sci-Fi, Strategy

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Warfair is a free-to-play mobile sci-fi RTS game developed by Wargaming World Limited for iOS and Android. In Warfair players are thrust into a war-torn near future where all forms of advanced technology and armors are being used to wage war. As a commander you will be able to deploy and lead your units in strategic battles to outsmart your opponents. Your tactical mind will be put to the test in intense 1 versus 1 real-time battles where you'll not only be employing your own strategies, but trying to predict and counter your enemies' plans as well. Create an army of advanced units, take them into battles, and create a name for yourself that will strike fear into the hearts of your enemies in Warfair!


Unit Squad: Collect different types of units to form a squad out of that you can take into battle. Upgrade them to increase their capabilities and open up new strategies.

Full Control: Control exactly where your units are going once you spawn them into the battlefield so you can position them perfectly in accordance with your plans.

Replays: Watch replays of other players' matches to see how they handled different situations so you can improve your own strategies.

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