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As you come along the bend in the path, you see the entrance to Old Towne Cottonwood. Entering Old Towne Cottonwood, you see a fountain, which almost seems to be calling your name. You decide to stop there for a rest and a refreshing drink.
A stranger walks up to you, and introduces himself as Dunkiltcha. You realize from his bloody sword and tattered ancient armor, that he has been in many a fight, with all sorts of creatures of the lands. Deciding it best to make good use of this great adventurer's experience, you ask him about the local people, and for any friendly advice which he might care to share. Dunkiltcha happily obliges, and begins his wondrous story of fun adventure and awesome discoveries.
He tells of the Underground, full of hideous creatures of all types, and how they reach out with their razor sharp claws in an effort to gouge your flesh. You listen intently as he describes all of the fallen heroes, which he has tripped over in the darkness of the Underground.
He tells you that only a fool would enter the Underground, without first going to the Supply Store in Old Towne Cottonwood, to purchase a Depth 1 Underground Map. Some have tried, without the map, and starved to death, as they got lost and could not find their way to a town or Mystic Portal.
You are so intent on Dunkiltcha's gory details of battles in the Underground, you don't even notice Officer Fred walk up to the fountain for a drink. Officer Fred scoops some water with his hands and takes a big gulp, as he waits for Dunkiltcha to finish his story. As soon as Dunkiltcha has left, Officer Fred begins to tell you of all of the wonderful help his clan has to offer you, and asks you to join. He tells you they can help you to obtain the best weapon and armor much faster than you might on your own, in exchange for your strength in battle against the other clans. You let him know that you will gladly keep it in mind, and give it much thought.
Rerun comes upon the two of you, and invites everyone to join him in The Gathering Place for a chat. You realize with the high amount of traffic this fountain gets, it might be best for you to gather more knowledge and wisdom from these fine adventurers. You go to The Gathering Place and listen as everyone discusses the many lands of Warriox Adventure.
You hear of the High Priest at Cathedral Rock, who will give you clues of where to search for the Ring of Energy, once you have become faithful and strong enough. You gain knowledge of the Ring of Energy's ability to store excess energy, which can be used for prolonged battling, mining, or training with the Giant Dragonfly. Grim joins into the conversation from The Hole In The Wall, and you hear of even more great things. These adventurers tell you humorous stories of trying to balance on, dodge, and lift the Giant Dragonfly. While the stories are funny, they also point out to you, that it is because of the magnificently trained Giant Dragonfly, that they are able to hold their own, against some of the fiercest creatures in these vast lands of Warriox Adventure.
From adventurer Dreki, you learn of Prospector's Frontier, where adventurer's from all over, go to prospect rare mythril and nectar. You hear the mythril and nectar can be great sources of income, as they are so highly cherished for their superb uses. You also learn of the Pawn Shop there, where a set quantity of some of the lands beautiful gems are reserved just for you, and at a low cost.
You thank everyone for their wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience, and as you turn to leave, the adventurers warn you to never, ever, ever enter the Rolling Hills, or the Deadly Desert, without a huge sack full of Elixirs of Life. You heed their warnings, and begin your adventure...

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