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  • Developer:
    Cyril Megem

  • Genres:
    Sci-Fi, Strategy, Shooter

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Warshift is a buy-to-play Sci-fi RTS developed by Cyril Megem for PC and is available for purchase on Steam. It is 2062 and the colonial planet Enigma was invaded by an alien race called the Atroids. After many human casualties new cyber weapons were developed to take on the foreign race in hopes of keeping the remaining humans out of combat. It is now your job to command the forces of the Colonial Republic to keep everyone safe and push back the alien race by any means necessary, including your own involvement on the front lines of battle!


Resource Management: Carefully divvy up your resources to construct different kinds of units to use in battles and different buildings within your bases.

Combat Avatars: Send your commander down in a combat avatar so they can fight the good fight from an over-the-shoulder perspective alongside the units you've sent into battle.

Unique Artistry: The entire game was made by a single developer, ensuring a very unique experience both in terms of combat an visuals!

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