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    Surprise Attack Games

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Western Press is a western-style dueling game created by Surprise Attack Games. Based on real world events, players can compete in tournaments of up to 16 players in rapid fire, 1v1 sprints to finally settle who can press a random string of ten buttons the fastest.


Simple gameplay: Learning how to play is simple and easy. Just pay close attention to the button combinations on screen and press them in order faster than your opponent.

Rank up: Create a profile and play through the Skill Tester to earn your rank to unlock new characters.

Online play: Hold custom tournaments for from two to 16 competitors with any mix of local players, online players and bots

Steam Workshop Support: Create custom characters and environments with your own animations, sounds and taunts, then share them online with the Steam community.

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  • Western Press Launch Trailer

    Western Press, a fast-paced dueling game set in the Wild West, launches today on Steam.

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