Wheel of Fate

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    UDX Interactive

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Wheel of Fate is a 3D turn-based adventure-RPG featuring infinite and dynamic replayability through machine-learning A.I. technology. In the battle of fates a hero must rise and you have been chosen to lead the charge. Wield time as your amicable ally and fulfill your destiny to slay an ancient foe!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Spin to Win: Dive deep into a world molded by your actions and experiences as a result of an artificial intelligence acting as an engaging dungeon master.

Best of Both: Fight your way through hordes of deadly enemies in a combat system blending methodical initiative strategy and engaging active attack response.

Quiet Before the Storm: Take a break from the trials of battle by managing a town, customizing your home, crafting items, and experimenting with limitless combinations of gear.

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