Wild Warfare

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    Hyper Hippo

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Wild Warfare is a FPS game featuring multiple classes, all inspired by cartoonish animal characters. Players participate in team-based objectives and large maps, with multiple game modes and a different animal for every class type.


Unique Aesthetic: Fans of Disney films and old cartoons will be pleased with the characters in Wild Warfare. Each class has a different animal, such as the bear as the heavy, or a raccoon as an assault specialist.

Multiple Game Modes: Objective-based game mods, death matches, free-for-alls - Wild Warfare has many game modes. The game primarily focuses on team warfare, however.

Multiple Platforms: Wild Warfare can be downloaded and played from the desktop, but also played in a browser. It's available for both PC and Mac systems.

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  • Wild Warfare Trailer

    The following is a teaser video featuring gameplay footage and features from Wild Warfare, a cartoonish FPS multiplayer game from Hyper Hippo Studios.

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