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    Contagious Crow

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Wintertide is a first person competitive team surivival game by Contagious Crow. Players must traverse across post-apocalyptic towns and lakeside cabins in the Rocky Mountains, surviving against freezing temperatures, hostile wildlife and a continuously changing hazardous environment.

Competitive Multiplayer: Survivors Vs Scavengers is Wintertides first game-mode and is a 5 vs 5 survival team death-match.

Reincarnation: Dying in Wintertide does not mean it's game over. Use your survival points to reincarnate as certain wildlife. Continue the hunt to aid your team, or make them your dinner.

Crafting & Looting: Search for crafting items and resources to stay alive. Craft fires to stay warm, Loot cabins and buildings in search for useful items that can further aid you and your teammates

Hunting & Tracking: Everything leaves behind a trail to follow including you. Hunt for food and avoid being hunted at all costs.

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