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    Barrel Roll Games

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Witch It is an asymmetrical multiplayer game pitting hunters against witches. As a simple-minded peasant, you must seek out and uncover the hiding sorceresses. The ugly magic users on the other hand must hide amongst everyday objects to survive.

Business Model: Buy to Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Classes: Throw apples and punches as a seeking villager, or mimic anything in the vicinity as a hiding spellslinger.

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Master both of the factions effectively doubling your potential playtime!

Trump Card: Take advantage of abilities to turn the tides in your favor.

Storybook Settings: Engage in silly games across fantastical locations like quaint villages, frozen lakes, and ancient libraries.

Looking Fly: Customize your outfit with a wardrobe of interesting items.

Gotcha!: Play the classic hide-and-seek, hider-turned-seeker, or point collection game modes.

Nose to the Grindstone: Remind the plebs of your status with a series of level-unlocked items.

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  • Witch It Early Access Trailer

    Wretched witches have deceitfully disguised themselves as common objects around your humble village, take up arms against the deadly threat and drive them

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