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Legend has it that long time ago Titans once came to this uncivilized continent. They use infinite power to bring this land order and life. One day after another, they created towering mountains, deep oceans, then the boundless skies. They tried to teach those primitive races all kinds of crafts and skills, and told them how to keep the balance of the world. When everything was settled, they created dragons to guard this world. Since then, titans vanished mystically...

Thousands of years later, no one knows where the noble dragons are. People only hear about them in the legend. Without the shelter of the dragon guardians, battles broke out among different races. Racial conflicts on territory were further intensified. The peaceful continent had been corrupted by wars and destruction. During the long period warfare, two outstanding factions had been formed and strengthened. The Alliance and the Horde--human and dwarf joined together to drive off trolls. The two former races also accepted the elves who had been oppressed by orcs for long. So the three races formed the Alliance. On the other side, under the help of taurens, orcs had successfully ravaged some territory from elves. After that, the isolated trolls joined the army of orcs and taurens. The three races built the Horde faction. Thus, the chaos on this continent finally developed into the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde.

Finally, the decisive battle between the Alliance and the Horde broke out in the center of the land. Both sides gathered the most elite armies, intending to settle the argument once and for all. When the battle turned white-hot, a great number of demons descended from another world. These demons had desired for the continent for a long time. The assault was launched just when the two factions were weak at both sides. Those exhausted soldiers were too astonished to face the Demon Legion, and they instinctively scattered and ran for life.

After that catastrophe, the center of the land was occupied by the Demon Legion, and they began to extend their territory from then on.What's worse is that demons had awakened the undead and signed a pact with nagas, which greatly enlarged the evil force. Now, the Alliance and the Horde are busy assembling the lost companions from all over the continent to rebuild their honor and glory.

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