World of Warriors: Duel

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    Mind Candy Ltd

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World of Warriors: Duel is a free to play 3D mobile game developed by Mind Candy Ltd that is available on both iOS and Android. In matches of furious tapping you can face off against other warriors as you strive to become the best warrior around! With its simplistic design and addictive gameplay, World of Warriors: Duel will have you up to speed and slaying your foes in no time!


Online or Offline: You can play offline matches if you don't have access to the Internet, or you can take your endeavors online and face off against other players.

Unlock Warriors: As you play you will unlock 30 of the world's finest warriors to play as.

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Game Videos

  • World of Warriors Duel Promo Video

    A new "live action" promotional trailer for World of Warriors: Duel, a fast reaction game in the World of Warriors universe.

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