World of Warriors: Quest

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  • Developer:
    Mind Candy Ltd

  • Genres:
    2D Fantasy

World of Warriors: Quest is a free to play 2D mobile strategy game developed by Mind Candy Ltd and is available on iOS and Android. In World of Warriors: Quest you can fight as Vikings, Romans, and Ninjas in an epic quest across the Wildlands to save your friends from the evil General Obsidiux! Turn-based battles will be held against your enemies where you will need to use your wits and work your units as a team to prevail! With enough victories you might just be able to save this war-torn realm from utter destruction.


New Chapters: New chapters will be released over time to offer new content like new heroes, boosts, and story to play through!

Boosts: Boosts give you the ability to freeze your enemies in place, poison them, or blast them to death!

Adventure: Explore the exciting Wildlands and unravel the mysteries behind the Black Shards.

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