World Tour Fishing

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    Just Nine, Neowiz

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World Tour Fishing (WTF) is an exciting Online Multiplayer Fishing Game (OMFG) by GamesCampus. With more than 1000 scientifically accurate species of fish to catch, World Tour Fishing allows anglers and sports fishers alike to experience the most famous fishing spots in Asia, Europe and North America.


Fast-paced action: Reel in fish while maintaining tension, distance in a fast-pace fisher and fisherman battle.

Record your fishing history: Monthly, Seasonal and World Records for every fish available.

Save and Show off your catch: With the WTF Aquarium, you can save your record breaking fish and collect prizes and experience from them daily.

Travel the World: Spanning 5 Continents, Visit More than 70 of the most famous and exclusive fishing spots.

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