World War 3

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  • Developer:
    The Farm 51

  • Genres:
    Shooter, Sim

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World War 3 is a modern military FPS taking place in real locations across the globe. Gear up and head to the battlefield, death or glory awaits.

Business Model: Retail

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

World Wide Ripples: Your actions have consequences, the performance of which affects the meta game on a large scale.

Get Your Passport: Travel to accurately modeled cities like Warsaw, Berlin, and Moscow.

Die Alone: Team work makes the dream work, cooperate to win.

Mix and Match: Customize both your soldier and weapons with hundreds of options.

Can't Kill Physics: Master the various in-game systems including ballistics and armors.

Action or Subsistence: Go wild fighting for points in dynamic combat or slow the pace down in recon-based survive & capture operations securing high value targets in hostile zones.

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