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World War Toons is a free-to-play cartoonish first-person shooter developed by Reload Studios for Playstation 4 and PSVR. In World War Toons players won't know what to expect around every corner, whether it be a rocket rushing straight towards them, pianos falling from the sky, or a tank barrel staring you straight in the face. The objective of the game is to eliminate your opponents by any means necessary, and being that World War Toons is cartoony in nature they truly give you every and any possible mean. Will this fight simply be too wacky for you, or are you insane enough to to use the wackiness to your advantage?


Trooper Classes: Jump into a match as one of 16 different Troopers. Everything from a heavy weapons using gorilla to a stealthy sniper can be played.

VR or Non-VR: World War Toons was designed with PSVR in mind, but they've also created a non-VR version to be enjoyed if you aren't looking for a VR experience.

Maps and Game Modes: The map you play on will dictate the game mode you play. Moulah Ruse is a free-for-all map, Sacre Blue is a Team Deathmatch map, Pyramid Scheme is a Capture the Flag map, and Dread Zeppelin is a King of the Hill map.

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