Worlds of Magic

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  • Developer:
    Wastelands Interactive

  • Genres:
    2.5D/2D Fantasy

Worlds of Magic is a unique successor to the famous Master of Magic released in 1994. Players explore the map, looking for resources, building new towns, and conquering their opponents. Along the way, you'll research powerful magics -- from buffing your units, to powerful attacks against your opponents -- as well as build your army from new soldiers from your town upgrades. The game offers more than just one map at a time, as there are multiple planes of existence that you can travel between. Battles are fought using the tried-and-true D20 system, practically unheard of for a turn-based strategy game of this level.


Create Your Own Sorceror: Customize your own Sorceror Lord, choosing from 13 spell circles and 40 disciplines - or take a pregenerated character for an easy start.

Explore the Multiverse: Generate and explore a universe with seven planes of existence.

Expand Your Empire: Utilize over 50 different kinds of buildings and over 100 units and creatures to found new settlements and conquer enemy cities.

Exterminate: Fight in tactical battles, hire heroes, train your units, and use spells and swords to destroy your enemies.

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