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XField Paintball 3 is a buy-to-play multiplayer paintball game developed by XField Paintball SAS for PC and is available for purchase on Steam. In XField Paintball 3 players can experience truly tactical paintball gameplay in a community-driven environment. With realistic paintball physics and maps based on professional layouts you can be sure to satisfy that paintball itch you've had for oh so long!


Competitive Maps: Some maps have even been modeled after real-life professional paintball maps, meaning they're ripe and ready for international competition and will really bring out the depth of playing paintball.

Varying Match Sizes: The main game mode is a 5 versus 5 match where players will play to eliminate the opposing team, but the team sizes can be manipulated from 1 versus 1 to 5 versus 5 depending on the availability of players. This means less time spent queueing and more time spent playing for you!

Realistic Physics: As you fire away at your opponents your paintballs will accurately fly through the air as friction and flight time are taken into account. Parabolic motions of paintballs in flight are also factored in, meaning you won't be able to just fire in a straight line at your opponents

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