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Yitien is a browser-based, Asian-themed MMORPG. Select from one of three different classes, and embark on a variety of quests to grow in power and fame. The game gives players a reason to group up frequently, by increasing power when long-standing friends are in a group together. With several daily events to do as well, Yitien offers plenty of activities for casual and hardcore gamers alike.


Four Classes: Will you be a warrior, with their high defense and health? Or perhaps a sword dancer, cutting through waves of enemies with ease. Perhaps a healer, supporting your group while devastating opponents? And of course, there's always the deadly assassin if you prefer the shadows. The choice is yours!

Daily Events: There's always something to do in Yitien. From daily events, to summoning and defeating powerful bosses, the game gives players something to do at all times of the day.

Character Upgrades: Build your character however you choose. Focus on defense, offense, or mix the two. Each character you play can be unique!

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