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  • Developer:
    Bohemia Interactive

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    Other, Free To Play

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Ylands is a 3D survival-adventure game featuring a user-friendly sandbox mode where you can build and share your wildest creations.

Business Model: Free-to-Try

Microtransactions: Yes, players can trial some of the game's features at no cost and upgrade their package at any time should they wish.

Key Features:

From Dust: Construct the building blocks of your ideas then bring them to life with the powerful and easy-to-use Visual Scripting tools.

On Display: After making the finishing touches on any of your projects, share them with thousands of other players so they can join in on the fun you created!

Free-Play: Get new ideas or just enjoy other's creations with the help of a community curated ecosystem perfect for ensuring you're only getting the best of the best.

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Game Videos

  • Ylands Update 2.0: Adventure Awaits! Trailer

    Ylands has released Update 2.0: Adventure Awaits! This update combines over three years of work, offering a refreshed Ylands experience. Ylands Update 2

  • Ylands Release Trailer

    Let your imagination run free in a super sandbox of limitless potential!

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