Zeus’ Battlegrounds

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    Industry Games

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    Fantasy, Free To Play

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Battle for the amusement of the Gods of ancient Greece in Industry Game's Free-To-Play melee-based Battle Royale game, Zeus' Battlegrounds! Play with up to 100 total demigods in the fiercest Battle Royale since the clash of the Titans in solo, duo, or 4v4v4 team combat modes. Play on PS4, PC, or XB1.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes: Purchase Favor in game in order to acquire cosmetics skins.

Key Features:

Season Format: Earn dozens of cosmetic items that are yours to keep!

1st or 3rd person view: Play whichever way makes you comfortable.

Leaderboards: Keep track of your stats and rankings.

Crossplay: Beginning with PC and PS4, crossplay will be available. Hopes to add other platforms later.

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Game Videos

  • Zeus’ Battlegrounds – Official Trailer

    Official Trailer for the melee-based Battle Royale set in Greek mythology, developed and produced by Industry Games: Zeus' Battlegrounds.

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