Zombie Army 4: Deadwar

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    3D Historical, Shooter

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Zombie Army 4: Deadwar is an 3rd-person action-shooter taking place in a zombified 1940s Europe. Although a brave band of heroes were able to send Hitler straight to hell, his reign of terror is far from over. The dead rise again and humankind must be saved from an undead Armageddon.

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

1-4 Online Co-Op: Dive into a hectic solo campaign or team up with a few friends to combat the endless waves of Nazi scum.

Kodak Moment: Mutilate your enemies with a satisfying slow-mo X-Ray kill cam.

Get Off Me!: Dispatch a whole lotta love to the ones that make it a little too close with a variety of up-close-and-personal melee moves.

Now You're Thinking: Utilize the power of the elements to electrocute, burn, and smite groups of terrifying foes.

Unspeakable Atrocity: Learn to adapt to the varied enemy types including Abominable Occultists, Shamblers of the Damned, Ghoulish Grabbers, Armoured Elites, Shadow Demons, and Explosive Suicide Generals.

Post-Apocalyptic Personalization: Customize your slayer suit to match to your own personal playstyle with perks to soak up inhuman amounts of damage or carry around previously stationary turrets.

Straight Through the Heart: Navigate through corpse-ridden canals and grotesque Zombie Zoos as you make your way to the source of the horde.

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