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Zombiotik is a 3D local multiplayer game based on the timeless rules of tag mixed with undead-turning mechanics. Though the tainted yogurt catastrophe nearly wiped out all mindkind, a few survivors heaven't discarded up hope just yet. Lead the remnants of humanity to a better tomorrow!

Business Model: Buy-to-Play

Microtransactions: No

Key Features:

Staying Alive: Team up with your friends to terminate the deadly epidemic; but be careful not to find yourself on the other side.

Pick Up and Play: Enjoy simplified controls designed to be effortlessly intuitive for casual and hardcore gamers alike.

Coerced Recruitment: Start each match as a human and keep playing until everyone eventually succumbs to the sickness.

Upstaged: Master the nuances of eight unique maps.

That'll Stop 'Em: Avoid hostile threats as the living by utilizing the power of barricades.

Vile Bite: Make it your mission to infect the unblemished as a zombified creature.

Multiple Ways to Play: Mix up the rulesets by heading to the score-chasing Pandemic, fast-paced Time Attack, survivalist-testing Last Man Standing, and cooperative Survival game modes.

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  • Zombiotik Kickstarter Trailer

    Bring your living room back to life with the simplest, most addictive and brain-eating version of tag the world has ever seen.

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