PAX Prime 2015 Day 1 Recap – ArcheAge, Atlas Reactor, Sword Coast Legends, and More!

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Dungeons and Dragons: Sword Coast Legends

Sword Coast Legends feels like it was practically built with me in mind. As someone who loves action RPGs but also craves tabletop interaction, the creators really put something magical here. Players can take the DM (Dungeon Master) role, and create dungeons for players to fight through as a party. If they want to make a ten floor dungeon to punish their friends with they are welcome to do so and upload it to the internet for others to take part in/utilize! The player that is in the DM role can also occasionally enter special boss monsters and boost their powers/strength, making encounters suddenly incredibly dangerous if necessary. There is also voice and text chat to allow for roleplay with your party, increasing the immersion and allowing for a truly fantastic tabletop experience with all the amazing graphics of a AAA title game. It takes place on the Sword Coast of Faerun, an area that is really getting a lot of attention this year as part of a big WoTC push of the Sword Coast, which I think is pretty awesome. The long and short of it is that there are demons kicking people’s butts and it’s your job to set things right.

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Though I did not really get to see the story, I got to enjoy the staff created dungeon with the rest of the team and reminisce about old tabletop RP experiences. I appreciate that they are listening to their community. There is so much going on here, and the level of detail that goes into the dungeons just blew my mind. The Rogue would start using Search/Stealth and created a bubble effect where he was stealthing, where players could hide in it. There were traps to disarm, doors to unlock/detrap, waves of zombies lurching slowly, and I’m convinced the DM was spawning more groups of them as we deftly wrecked his army, leaving their body parts asunder, scattered across the grimy cavern floor. There were admittedly a few things that weren’t “D&D” like resurrection potions, but that’s simply to make the game a bit more manageable because this game IS hard. If you do not work together as a team, your DM will kick your ass, and so will the story. To me it feels like what Neverwinter Nights could have been with better tech. (Not to say NWN was bad, I loved it! Think of it as a spiritual successor) Big things going down in the Dungeons and Dragons gaming world right now! Stay tuned!

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