SkySaga Alpha 9 Trailer

NEWS Hot new content is coming to SkySaga! Check out the latest in the Alpha 9 trailer, Lumostone and much more!

Revelation Online – Vanguard Trailer

NEWS With tactics from the fabled Yellow Emperor, Revelation Online‘s Vanguard is the preeminent melee! They hit hard, and they boast quite a useful list of defensive traits. Check ’em out!

Planet of Heroes – Gameplay video

NEWS With 7 minute matches, this mobile moba boasts it is the definition of the MOBA genre! With several game modes and plenty of characters, see for yourself if Planet of Heroes cuts the mustard!

Oz: Broken Kingdom

NEWS Oz: Broken Kingdom by Nexon is based on the magical land of Oz to stop the rising evil there once and for all! New and classic Oz characters await you!

Eternal Arena – Global PvP

NEWS Eternal Arena‘s latest update is boasting global 3v3 PVP, ranked, custom, casual, you name it! More heroes, better gear, and lots more going on! There’s plenty more to come in this hot act...

Master of Orion — Release Trailer

NEWS Master of Orion is live!  Pick one of ten races and lead them to galactic domination in this epic remake of the original 4X strategy game!

SMITE Patch Livestream Notes – Izanami Revealed

ARTICLE   On today’s SMITE patch notes livestream, Hi-Rez revealed Patch 3.16 – Final Awakening, including balance changes, new skins, and a new Japanese goddess: Izanami. Balance/Bug Fixes R...
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