Albion Online begins Closed Beta

NEWS Independent game developer Sandbox Interactive today announced that players will now be able to join the Closed Beta of their medieval sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. By becoming Legendary, Epic or Vete...

Albion Online Closed Beta Starting Times Revealed

NEWS Sandbox Interactive unveils the last bit of information before the start of the Closed Beta of their upcoming cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online on Monday. The developer announces the exact C...

Albion Online Closed Beta Scheduled in November

NEWS German developer Sandbox Interactive today announced that the Closed Beta of the first truly cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online is slated for 23rd of November. The first ones to experience th...

Albion Online: September State of the Game

NEWS Sandbox Interactive has recently posted their September State of the Game, giving an overview of the latest updates to Albion Online. The updates include changes to the World Map, an overhaul of the a...

Albion Online Offers Insight to Map Creation

NEWS With the closed beta of Sandbox Box Interactive’s medieval sandbox MMO Albion Online scheduled to kick-off this November, the development team has released an insightful blog, covering the intricaci...
  • Carl

    What is founder if the game is supposedly free? Is the game going to be free in App Store and option for founder to buy to get early advantages or does everyone buy the game?

    • Mortho

      its a alpha!<— means you wanna play = you pay /// beta is free if you became key or you pay for key /// finish <- game = free

  • yardm

    beyler bişe dicem bu oyun ücretlimii

  • Anders Spælling

    Greatest disappointment in a game in 20 years of gaming. I strongly suggest NOT to buy the founders pack as they are not refundable once redeemed.

    One-dimensional combat. Crafting is a tedious grind. Graphics are obviously shitty, but that is acceptable if the gameplay was good. It’s not.

    • Mortho

      explain me please One-dimensional fight… its from bird’s-eye view…should the character flying around for a multidimensional fight? like aion? even 3rd person games like wow are One-dimensional fight… on the ground and its a alpha = maaaaybe the finished game is little different+ difficult crafting its good dont want everything for free in my ass should be a lot of work for good stuff!
      ps: money is for Alpha + beta finished game is for free…was never see perfect alpha….tz

  • Zeviah Spane

    Actually i was excited to play this game until when they said i need to pay for Founders Pack. I will wait for this game to be free to play.

  • crono

    free to play indeed..and lead you to damn package…i really want to play this game but ive been waiting for weeks still that damn package

    • Anono

      the game wont come out till 2016. GG

  • killpack41

    it says free to play but its not it wont let me on

  • molleth

    New database/fan site for Albion Online — Includes detailed item data.

  • soloman

    im really interested in albion but it wont let me sign up can anyone help me

  • christopher rubio

    Is this game free to play? If not, is there supposed to be a time where it is released free?