Aurelius Update Enters The World of Albion Online

Aurelius Update Enters The World of Albion Online news header

Sandbox Interactive, the developer of cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online, today announced that after a successful Closed Beta start two weeks ago they have now launched the first major content update, ‘Aurelius’. Thanks to player feedback, the ‘Aurelius’ update brings not only new PvE content and additional interface features but numerous quality improvements as well to improve the game experience in Albion Online.


The Aurelius update expands the PvE content by adding three new Keeper-themed dungeons types, spread in 23 variations throughout the Albion world. Players will face three new lethal bosses with another three new mob types available for those wanting for more. The combat also becomes more entertaining with 10 additional new spells and abilities spread across different weapons, granting more tactical variety.


Next to PvE content, the update delivers some eagerly awaited Quality of Life improvements, including the much requested option to use different chat channels, the ability to force the character to move to a certain location by right-clicking and preventing the character from accidentally harvesting or looting in combat. Also, players can now see whether they are in combat by looking at the character portrait, as well as receive better visibility once spells become ready again.

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