City of Steam: Arkadia

City of Steam pulls you into a world where time has been twisted and the secrets of the ancients are being rediscovered and retooled to fit the needs of the people. Travel by steam train to various locations in a heavily Steampunk influenced world as you run quests, and build up a unique character in one of the best examples of a first generation Unity Engine powered title we have seen.


Character Customization: Choose from one of 10 races and 4 classes, each offering greater variety to your customization.

Heavily Steampunk Influenced World: From gears grinding on doors to gears grinding on doors to societies built around stream trains and even the feel of industrial revolution England, you'll get your fill of steampunk in this title.

PvP Instances: Take on your fellow players in a variety of PvP-centric missions initiated at each dungeon entrance and offering different challenges depending on where you visit.

Billboard and Fast Travel: Get straight into the action faster by collecting all your quests from conveniently placed billboards throughout town. Then get where you need to go faster by simply clicking street signs to move around the large towns. Of course it's sometimes worth walking around just to experience the majesty of them!

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    The game blows dane cooks balls

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    now its p2w game