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Hawken is a mech combat game in the vein of Mechwarrior. Compete against other players driving large mechs in two different team modes, as well as deathmatch and free-for-all matches. With strategic play mixed in with the fast-paced, action packed combat, Hawken will challenge players to pilot and customize their war machine to be the best there is.


Intense Action: Hawken puts you in the cockpit of a giant mech, and your goal is to eliminate your competition. While the task seems simple, keep in mind, your opponents also have the same idea.


Varied environments: From deserts to cityscapes, each map in Hawken offers something different for players. Take cover and unleash vicious salvos from your weapons, or charge into enemy lines to try and confuse their ranks.

Customizable: Equip your mech with a variety of weapons and enhancements to suit your gameplay desires.

Competitive play: Two different modes for team play, along with team deathmatch and free-for-all are included, giving players a variety of means to play.

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Game Videos

  • Hawken: Official PS4/Xbox One Trailer

    "War is a Machine". Enjoy high-octane FPS from behind the cockpit of a powerful death machine! That's what awaits you in Hawken!

  • Hawken Wreckage Update

    The Hawken Wreckage update features the return of the winter themed event, Operation Frostburn, along with a new debris filled map.

  • Hawken Update 0.9.6 Featuring Versus AI Mode

    Hawken introduces a new element of PvE along with the Predator, balance reworks, and even new paint job options in this massive update.

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