Metal Assault

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    Aeria Games

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    Free To Play

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Metal Assault offers players a variety of fun and engaging features, including:

- Solo, Co-Op, & Team Missions – Choose from a variety of frenetic game modes ranging from solo and co-op missions, team battles for control points, wild 8v8 deathmatches and more.

- BRAAAAINNNSS! – Zombies have infiltrated the City of HERZ and it’s up to you and your friends to halt their advance. Take on hordes of cranium craving monsters in 7 different scenarios!

- Get to the CHOPPA! – Dominate the battlefield with a variety of player vehicles, from dynamic robotic bodysuits and powerful mortar cannons, to 4-player vehicles like tanks and choppers.

- Gear Up, Soldier – You’ll come across an assortment of nifty equipment throughout your missions. Deck out your character in military fatigues, try on a pair of shorty shorts, or strap on some groovy goggles.

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  • Shut down

    It is shut down.

  • bigu

    is it going to restart?

  • Ethan Winters

    one of the best games why aeria games gota shut it down

  • BANE

    It was so good:(

  • Elizza

    Alguien me podría decir si este juego aun existe, ya que en sus tiempos lo jugué y me encanto aunque no alcance a disfrutar lo suficiente, gracias :D